Armed and Dangerous


Amber Melody is the type to take things as they come, roll with the punches, and act as a voice of reason, until she starts scheming plans of her own. This mostly comes in handy with her garage, where she takes apart gizmos and tinkers with parts to build new projects, and fix things for anyone who needs it, which is how she makes a living. Once a project is in mind, she sticks with it - sometimes to a fault. It doesn’t matter how stupid ‘Toaster motorcycle combo’ might sound, she’s gonna make it work. Whatever it may be, it has to be perfect.

When she isn’t making devices to terrify and astonish, she’s laid back, relaxed, and a genuinely caring and helpful friend, usually looking at things more realistically than her friends. This is a lens she struggles to apply to herself to the same degree.


Amber was born into a family of artist, in the costal town of Cape Magnolia. The entire town had an artsy vibe, which was a little strange seeing how Amber was fascinated with machinery and engineering. Amber wanted to start with the big things, for better or for worse, and was playing with engines at a pretty young age. Things were going well until one day - in a freak accident with one of her projects, her right arm was effectively destroyed, and had to be amputated. Immediately her family’s cautious optimism turned to fear for Amber’s safety. She wasn’t exactly thrilled either, and for a while was turned away from the whole thing. After a bit of time to reflect and learn, Amber decided to return to engineering, this time taking things a little slower.

She made a primitive arm replacement, which bent based on the angle of her shoulder. Realizing she might be onto something, she poured herself into the project, making it the focus of her studies in school and partnering with a friend to develop a non-invasive system to allow her to control the arm as though it were her normal one. A few years of school and a falling out with said friend later, and Amber was the owner and designer of the most advanced prosthetic ever made. She had plans to try and make it a commercial product, but found herself burnt out after school. She took over the Cape Magnolia scrapyard, turning a garage on the property into her home where she could tinker and develop to her hearts content.

The arm had a few side effects, though. Early versions were bulky and heavy, meaning it caused an at the time average-strength Amber to lean over and develop some shoulder pain, as well as being way stronger than her other arm, leading to awkward moments where she might pick something up and flip it due to the imbalance of force. To compensate, she started going to the gym and receiving physical therapy so the arm would be less of a hinderance. At first it was a chore, but over time Amber found herself enjoying her time at the gym, continuing to go long after she made the arm lighter. She ended up becoming much more muscular and generally athletically capable, something she takes great pride in.

Her intent was to take a break for a bit, get back her stamina before returning to the arm project. But that muse never fully returned, and Amber found herself feeling somewhat empty. Having your greatest accomplishment, and an expectation you failed to live up to, constantly strapped to her shoulder didn’t exactly help matters much. She continued working on various projects and helping people with repairs, until one day, while walking along the beach with her metal detector - she found a beached creature, some weird blue humanoid thing. She took it back to her house to try and see if it was still alive, and after some initial confusion learned the creature was named Iekika, and was lost. Iekika became a very interesting new project for Amber - teaching her her own language and helping her become accustomed to human culture. It was a project that would pay off greatly in the future.