Former Prophet


Iekika is an imp - a one-eyed, two-mouthed, psychic creature from Paradise Isles. She’s known for having a lot of energy and being extremely impulsive. She’s reasonably intelligent, but chooses to ignore that a lot in favor of doing whatever comes right to mind. Living like she does, she wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the fact she’s a great improviser, able to think on her feet and adapt to situations quickly. The one downside is her ability to plan ahead is a lot weaker by comparison, hich was never a huge issue until she lost her ability to literally see the future.

All of that energy and impulsiveness tends to manifest in a lot of movement. Iekika almost never sits still, which she spent a better chunk of her life channeling into learning how to fight. Her specialty is in spear fighting, but she has experience with other weapons and in unarmed combat - all of which serves as a hobby for her. Sometimes she challenges her friends to friendly sparring matches, which she almost always wins.

She has a deep desire to have ‘her thing’ - whether that be her place in society, her role in the friend group, her hobby, etc etc, she never feels content just wandering.


Iekika was born and raised in Paradise Isles, a secluded chain of islands far from any larger landmass, largely unknown to the outside world. She had always had a fighters spirit and quickly picked up a lot of skills, starting more formal training alongside a few other imps. Around the same time, she realized she had the gift of future vision through occasional flash-forwards she would experience. She wasn’t the only imp with clairvoyance, but the only one on her island, leading to her spending more time training her psychic abilities, though a general lack of interest on her side didn’t lead to much development there.

During her training she worked alongside another person - Makana - a somewhat sassy red imp who specialized in making tools and weapons. The two of them started forming a relationship, with Makana making an extremely strong spear for Iekika from the wood of a magic tree on their island, which would soon become one of Iekika’s most cherished possessions. This was Iekika’s tiny place in the world she carved out for herself - fighter, hunter, prophet, and potential girlfriend. She was comfortable.

After a successful hunting outing, Iekika had a sudden vision of an incoming hurricane. It had the potential to wipe out the entire island, and she immediately alerted the others and started getting people to safety. Realizing it would hit the other islands, she set off on a boat to warn the others. Unfortunately, her vision hadn’t gone long enough for her to see up to this point in time, and a sudden wave knocked her overboard. The strong currents threw her around, eventually smashing her head into a rock, knocking her out cold and damaging her psychic powers.

She came to stranded on the mainland - being looked over by a weird, two-eyed woman with a mechanical arm, and worst of all, missing her future vision. After accidentally clobbering the human out of surprise and taking some time to adjust, she’s trying her best to accomodate to life among these weird binocular creatures. Their food is good, at least.

Psychic Abilities