Cures for what ails you - and then some!


Jamie is a kobold potion seller. They run a small shop where they sell their wares to all who may need them. They’ve spent a considerable amount of time and resources honing their craft, and it shows in their products. From basic health restoration, fire breath, night vision, all the way to radical body transformations and even bringing the dead back to life. Jamie’s potions can do effectively anything, provided they can figure out how to put them together.

To their clientele, Jamie is known as being extremely charismatic, friendly, and helpful. While they can certainly be pushed to hostility, there’s few people they won’t serve with a toothy grin and a reccomendation to try the new spearmint-flavored potion that lets you shoot lightning from your hands. You have to actively be a person Jamie truly dislikes to be banned from their wares.

To their friends and everyone else, Jamie is less wholesome than they might assume. In the dead of night, mixing glowing vials of fluid and cackling to themselves in the pale moonlight, they come off as more of a mad scientist than a humble merchant. These people know Jamie as slightly unhinged, though still very charismatic. A little too charismatic, at times. Jamie has an odd fascination with learning how to push people’s buttons, and they’ve gotten uncomfortably good at it. They’ll happily play devil’s advocate, the devil, and whichever side you’re on, all in the name of seeing how far they can push you.


Jamie always wanted to help people, from when they were freshly hatched up until they started going to school to become a doctor. But the sheer amount of legalities and hoops they had to jump through put them off so much, they dropped it entierly. Before their hopes of medicine were dashed entierly, they found a strange legal loophole. A store that sold potions could, technically, be qualified as a bar if the right conditions were met. Outside of a permit to sell drinks, Jamie didn’t need any medical licenses or pesky certifications to do their work.

Some people aren’t a fan of this. They always bring up, what if something goes wrong? What if a potion has unintended effects? Jamie’s response is always that things won’t go wrong, because they know what they’re doing. And they hold themselves to such a high standard, there’s no way anything could go wrong. So far, they’ve been right, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had their fair share of criticisms.

The details of their earlier life and family are fairly obscured, an intentional choice on Jamie’s part to distance their work from their past. Most people might not drink something designed to heal you from someone that dropped out of medical school.