High on the life of the party


Uma Slimebutt is on a perpetual contact high with life. Her needs are simple - good food, nice friends, fun times - but she wants as much of them as she can get. Too much is never enough, and being a self-proclaimed hedonist she knows this better than most. All that said, she’s not selfish. She’s more than willing to share with people who need something more than her, or just want it. But when she can, she’ll take all she can get.

When it comes to her appearance, she puts a care and effort into it, making sure to shape her body just so to look how she wants it. It would be a lot easier for her to be a shapeless blob, and take a lot less effort on her part, but Uma has someting of a weird fascination with humans, and tries her hardest to pass as one, if only through her mannerisms. Some might try and call her out on it, but it takes a lot to rattle her seemingly endless confidence in herself.

The one thing that can shake her up is the idea of death and loss. Uma has an intense fear of loosing other people, and has a bad habit of either distancing herself from others or clinging to them, at worst acting slightly manipulative to ensure people stay with her.


Gal’Sha typically aren’t human sized, and certainly not Uma sized. Normally, they’re small, roughly football sized creatures with doglike temperment which eat until they reach a certain size, before splitting in two to reproduce. Uma was born with a slight mutation, meaning while she could split in two, she didn’t feel any compulsion too. Intead, she kept growing until she was able to dedicate enough biomass to thinking that she achieved sentience. This happens time to time with Gal’Sha, but it’s rare, and not well understood.

Once she had reached the point of being roughly equivalent in intelligence to a newborn human, she was found by a plantoid miner who decided to keep her as a sort of pet, before becoming aware of the fact that she was a fully sentient being. The miner kept her, though, upgrading her status from pet to surrogate daughter and doing their best to try and raise this odd, squishy creature.

As she grew up, Uma developed a fascination with humans - in the underground where she lived they weren’t as common as plantoids, and something about the way they looked appealed to her. So much so that she decided to try and model herself off of them, no small task for an amorphous creature like herself.

Time passed, and Uma was able to take on more and more humanoid characteristics. Unfortunately, she was still developing mentally, about the equivalent of a young teen when her miner caretaker passed away. Whether due to her inexperience with the world, unconvential brain structure, or something else, this affected her far more strongly than it might others. She became more reclusive, entering a depressive phase for a long while as she tried to figure out how to deal with this completely new emotion. But she still longed for companionship, a trait she had borrowed from humans and life in general, and decided to split herself in half, creating her sister, Aparna.

As time passed, and with help from her new sister - who was about on the same page as Uma - she was able to open up again and become more social, eventually becoming known by most people in the underground as a bombastic extrovert. But she was never able to fully purge the fear of death from her mind, and avoided forming long-lasting relationships because of it. At least, until she met Darue.