My Games

Here you'll find a collection of games I've made over time - all of them have links to their page, along with any other way you can play them (Steam, Google Play, etc).

Blade Pit

Godot 3.1

August 4th, 2019

For your misdeeds, you've been banished to the Blade Pit. Incidentally, you're the only one there with a blade - your one circular sawblade. Use it's strange properties of seemingly infinite inertia to tear through the monsters inside the pit, and see how long you can last before they overcome you. You can only take one hit before you die.

I made Blade Pit for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam, with the theme 'Only One'. I interpreted this as only one projectile - which, admittably, wasn't the most original. That said, this is my first released game made with the Godot engine, and considering I had a lot of interruptions while I was making it, I think it turned out alright.

Mass Attack


April 29th, 2019

Greg, the self-appointed slime sheriff of Slime Canyon (Population: 1) just wants a peaceful day. But today is not that day. Defend your little canyon in the mild, mild west from invading slimes by lobbing off blobs of yourself as projectiles! This is as dangerous as it sounds. How many waves can you last, chipping away at your life to fend off attackers?

I had the idea for Mass Attack in my head for a while, as a Splatoon-esque multiplayer slime shooter. But, once Ludum Dare #44 started, I realized I could adapt the idea pretty easily to a single player tower defense type game. This is also my first game with completely hand drawn graphics, which I think turned out really well! It scored 344th overall, with it's highest rating being 60th place for theme.

Just Dig Down

Gamemaker Studio

August 29th, 2018

Just Dig Down is a game where you do exactly what it says in the title. Go deeper and deeper underground, amassing wealth beyond your wildest dreams by collecting gems, opening chests, and occasionally being attacked by wild subterranean monsters. And don't miss anything on your way down, you can't go back. The name of the game's 'Just dig down', not 'Just dig down but also go up sometimes'.

I acually made 'Just Dig Down' a few years ago, though a lot more primitive back then. I remember liking the gameplay, so I remade the idea, added a bunch of new features, slapped it on the Google Play store, and had myself my first mobile game. Better yet, it's a game I actually found myself losing track of time playing. Give it a try!
Google Play Google Play



August 13th, 2018

Recently, an abandoned bunker was discovered with some nuclear launch codes inside. You, a data extraction drone, should probably get those out of there. 3 of them, at least. You play as a little robot, exploring the abandoned facility and collecting all 3 launch codes. Just one issue. You have a very limited amount of memory in your cassette tape hard drive, and along the way you also need to scan rooms in order to be able to see them, and collect keycodes to open locked doors. Next time, send in a robot with more than 7kb of memory.

memBrain was my entry for the Ludum Dare 42, with the theme being 'Running out of Space'. It scored 184th overall, and placed 15th in Innovation - not bad!

Time Heist


May 15th, 2018

In the year 2004, two engineers by the names of Aaron and Abe accidentally invented a time machine in their garage. Their discovery would eventually lead to a global ban on any and all forms of time travel.
That was 20 years ago. You have discovered the remnants of the two's work, and have managed to piece together your very own time-traveling box. So, like any sensible person, you're going to use it to rob a bank.

Have you ever seen Primer? It's a good, kinda mind-bending time travel film. Time Heist was created for the 2018 Mashup Jam, inspired/based on the same movie, featuring a mashup of time travel and stealth mechanics. Navigate 15 levels on your own, with a little help from yourself. The game came out pretty good despite how many foreign elements I, Yali "Never played a stealth game" Izzo decided to use. Definetly one of my more ambitious projects. Also have to give credit to @plexidotorg for the soundtrack.



January 13th, 2018

ANYKEY takes arcade local multiplayer to a whole new level. Grab a friend, or two, or 200, and huddle around your keyboard to duke it out. The rules are simple - hold your button to turn and accelerate, let go to fly forwards, and don't touch the edge. It starts easy, but soon your reaction time will be put to the test as you have to dodge everyone else at critical speeds!

ANYKEY is a weird story. I made it to test my Unity abilities, at first, then sort of on a whim put it on Steam. It's my most well known game to date, with over 17,000 downloads. It's simple, but fun - assuming you don't have any keyboard rollover issues.
Steam Steam

The Slimestone Dungeon

Gamemaker Studio

August 22nd, 2017

Normally slimes are the enemies in dungeons. Not this time. This time, the slime is the hero. Or, protagonist, hero is kind of a strong word in this case. Can you defeat the catacombs full of enemies? Can you make your way to the end? Will you find Bill Murray?

I made The Slimestone Dungeon as part of the "Slime Jam 2000" on - and won! This is the first time any of my games earned some sort of award or prize, so it was (and still is!) a pretty big deal, especially considering I made it in about 3 days. Originally it was going to be a tower-defense type game where the slime ate magic peppers to gain new abilities, but the movement felt good enough that I just built around that.

Lab Report

Gamemaker Studio

June 10th, 2017

This is a proof-of-concept for a puzzle platformer game. Currently, the game only has 10 levels and can be beaten in a few minutes. You play as a small robot exploring a large facility, solving puzzles to advance and dying a lot along the way.

One thing all my games lacked up until now was proper level design. Tiler, Bullet Heck, and Space Game were either randomly generated or just didn't need levels. For my first try at it in Lab Report, I think it turned out alright.

Bullet Heck


March 4th, 2017

Bullet heck is a frantic bullet hell where you dodge incoming projectiles with your mouse. Panic as boomerangs, bombs, lasers, and giant arrows are thrown into the mix - or, stylishly swerve around them with SUPERHOT mode, or one of the other configuration options the game offers.

There's not a whole lot to Bullet Heck, gameplay wise. But, this marked the first time I made a decent game with Unity, and more importantly a polished game with Unity. You can't go wrong with minimalist design sometimes.

Space Game

Gamemaker Studio

September 5th, 2016

In Space Game, you fly around in your small mining ship, destroying asteroids to collect valuable minerals you can exchange for upgrades to your ship, which lets you collect more minerals, which lets you upgrade your ship... and so on. Defend space stations from alien ships and hazards, or turn on them and destroy them in order to benefit yourself.

Space Game started as an overambitous attempt at something like No Man's Sky. I wanted to make a huge, space-themed game, with ship building and interactive crew members and all this other junk. I decided to just start by making a ship that could fly or shoot, though, since that seemed like a logical first step. Turns out, that was pretty fun on it's own, so I made a game around it.



May 27th, 2016

Tiler is a simple, turn-based strategy game people tend to compare to Othello or Go. Try and have the most tiles in your color by the time the board is filled. Easy to learn, hard to master.

I made Tiler for the Simple Jam on It was the first game I released on the platform, and despite its age I think it holds up alright. Its simplicity really helped make something that turned out surprisingly polished, and more than that, fun! I might go back and remake this for mobile, someday.