Every month, I’ll be adding new projects here my friends have been working on that I think deserve recognition. These could be games, artwork, music - whatever they happen to be doing. Check them out!

November 2021 - Disaster Engine

Disaster Engine is - according to it’s site… a RADICALLY OPEN game engine with MODDING BY DEFAULT. More technically speaking, Disaster engine is a game engine built on the RayLib framework by queenjazz that relies on JavaScript for scripting and uses uncompressed assets and resouces. The goal is for games to be easy to share, mod, and experiment with, harkening back to the earlier days of game modding. It’s an incentive I can get behind, and the engine and examples are open source for people to learn from.

September 2021 - Heck Deck

Heck Deck by torcado is a rougelite bullet hell card game. It’s a weird combination of gernes, originally inspired by the 41st Ludum Dare. It’s since been expanded into a mobile and pc release with several stages, more cards, multiple languages, and a shine of polish that comes with the kind of work torcado is known for. It releases soon, but there’s a demo available for download right now!

August 2021 - Bops

Bops by queenjazz is an album full of energetic, poppy, electronic tunes. The songs range from uplifting jams where text-to-speech voices sing about moving beyond past struggles to aggresive, pounding beats about.. demons, I think? Make sure to give her previous album, Bangers, a listen once you’re done.